IYS enables

the superior mapping, tracking and analysis of skills

IYS redefines

recruitment, talent development, workforce planning and more

IYS provides

- API for a rich and dynamic Skills and Occupations Taxonomy for Skills and Occupation

- SAAS applications for skills management in organization

- Simple tool for individuals to profile their skills

Only Skills Matter

Every person, organizations and country gets their edge from their skills.Today, general information such as age, gender, years of experience, location, titles, etc. is no longer relevant

What is important is one's Skills Profile i.e. the functional / technical skills we have, expertise with tools and technologies, the level of knowledge of methods, standards etc., certification, domains or contexts in which we have applied our skills.

IYS - enables us to map our skills in a holistic and comprehensive manner. Likewise for jobs.

And most importantly IYS uses a common language of skills, with a simple standard structure and an easy to use yet powerful tool.

ISOT - IYS Skills and Occupations Taxonomy

After years of research, IYS has created a rich database of skills which makes mapping easy, comprehensive and insightful.

The richer and more precise the information, the richer and more precise the output, right? Today we get job alerts amogest which most are irrelevant to us. Hiring managers get flooded with resumes most of which are useless.

Now we can all speak a common language of skills drastically improving activities around skills.

ISOT API for HR Technology applications

HR Technology applications such as Learning Management System (LMS), HRIS, Recruitment Systems or ATSs, Workforce Planning Systems, Employee Collaboration systems all depend on good quality information about skills of people and jobs

HR Technology can get leverage using IYS’s research and focus on skills taxonomy. They can use ISOT through API to make their applications richer and more effective and deliver superior value to their users.

Organisations Skills Management (OSM) Application for Companies

Tracking skills is a pain in most companies. They do not know what skills are there in the company, who has a particular skill, who can developed for an emerging skill and such. Problem is acute when organisations are trying to get agile and respond faster to changing and emerging dynamics of business.

OSM, addresses this problem with a simple and powerful Software As A Service (SAAS) application. OSM helps drastically improve the way companies leverage on human capital.

Personal Skills Profiling for Individuals

Skills are the basis for getting hired or find opportunities within an organization for ones career development. Yet due to vague presentation of skills opportunities are lost, or times is wasted on irrelevant jobs. Resumes are extremely poor artefact when it comes to expressing ones skills particularly in an era of minimal text.

Personal Skills Profiling is a way for individuals to articulate their skills in a comprehensive, precise and quantitative manner that clearly showcases ones’ skills.

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