Candidate Skills Analytics or CSA

is a SAAS application that is disrupts the conventional approach to recruitment

Applicants Skills Profiling and Analysis for faster and quality hiring

Only skills matter . . . . mostly

When it comes to hiring skills matter. Importance of location and other factors is coming down.

However, matching skills of applicants to jobs is a pain, time consuming, poorly done, costing lots of money and opportunity loss.

The single primary reason for this is poor information on skills. Both at the Hiring Manager side where JDs are messy and at Applicants side where resumes are messy.

Despite numerous applications that deploy cutting edge technology problems in recruitment are universal and persistent – as a Hiring Manager you would agree and as a job aspirant you would agree.

Time for fresh thinking

Read on to see how Candidate Skills Analytics or CSA approached the problem

Quality Data is primary, Data Analytics Tools secondary

With resumes and job descriptions that are verbose, non-common form or structure, with terminologies that are free for all and thus confusing, and information that is oversimplified or over-complicated, getting the skills from these two i.e. JDs and Resumes is tough and matching poor.

RSM with in-built Skills Profiler with ISOT in the backend enables doing away with this mess. It enables skills to be articulated at the Hiring Manager end and at the applicant end, in a common language, in a structured manner, in a common template, in a comprehensive manner, with quantification of proficiencies at skills level (rather than a high-level figure like say 7 years experience).

JSP not JDs

Job Skills Profile is a simple, crisp, easy to comprehend articulation of skills. It cuts down on “English”. It gets straight to the point on the skills that Hiring Manager wants. And creating is easy with IYS Skills Profiler

ASPs not Resumes

Applicants Skills Profile is a simple, crisp, easy-to-comprehend articulation of skills. No fluff, no outsourced resume writing, no copy/paste. ASP is created every time a person wants to apply. This ensures applicant pays attention to skills needed for the job rather than shooting resumes just like that burdening the recruitment process and the recruiters.

Direct real time information flow: Applicant to Hiring Manager

Shortlisted applicants fill the Skills Profile (indicating what skills against that required for the job they have and their proficiency it). The moment the applicant applies to a job filling the ASP, Hiring Manager can see her skills profile. No waiting for Recruiters to process the resumes.

Applicants Skills Analysis

With structured information coming from the applicants through their ASPs, the analysis of skills of the applicants is now scientific, data driven and here and now. No waiting for poor recruiter (who cannot be expected to understand skills the way Hiring Manager or Applicants can) to process those resumes.

Systems with its Best Fit algorithm shows matching scores for each of the applicants. Hiring Manager can compare proficiencies at skill level for the applicants. Making trade offs smart and not just based on years of experience.

CSA is easy to use, practical and economic


The features and functionalities are low on bells and whistles and high on practicality


Cloud based; Users across locations can use; No special training required


Provides rich data and reports at micro (individual) and macro (organization) levels


Pay on number of employees in your organization and on yearly subscription

List of features / modules in CSA

Creating Skills Profile of Jobs
Creating a Resource Pool from Resumes
Searching for Profiles from Resource Pool
Sending Job Skills Profiles to Prospects
Prospects submitting their Skills Profile
Skills Match Analysis of prospects and job