About us

IYS is skills centered to enable others get skills centered


We believe

and that this inhibits growth of individuals, organizations and countries
that current ways in which skills information is shared is inadequate and passe

And thus IYS 

focuses on research on skills
maintains and updates its unique skills resource – IYS Skills and Occupation Taxonomy (IST)

The strength of IYS comes from

appreciation of the skills space (HR or Talent space) – we have qualifications and rich experience in HR
acquired knowledge of the skills space through years of research – we spent eight years to get the Skills and Occupation Taxonomy structure right.
capabilities in cutting edge technology – a small team with diverse capabilities in Web and Machine Learning technologies
combining the skills knowledge and technology capabilities to deliver simple yet powerful skills centered solutions

Our Goal

Enablement of data centered approach to managing skills and thus re-charging the Human Capital Management space
A common universal language on skills – making it easier for skills to be better understood, discovered and deployed across the global talent landscape

Here’s our leadership team. They lead by example and guide us every day.

Ramu G
Pursuing the vision to enable skills-centricity of human capital enrichment applying technology to solve HR problems.
MP Sriram
Consulting Partner
Brings insights from rich experience in the HR space to have intelligent conversations with customers.
Obulisaravanan V
Product Management Lead
Strong execution support in productising ideas, providing continuous all round support in development.
Rupa Bhaskaran
Digital Marketing
Applying decades of experience in online marketing with diverse geographies and industries for taking IYS to the world

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