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APIs on Skills Library
APIs for HR Tech companies for skills search, mapping and profiling
SAAS web apps around Skills Profiling
Web apps for different purposes for different users with one goal - maximizing of talent;
Here is the IYS Skills Profiler. Experience it yourself to perceive the power of simplicity and utility for every activity on skills.
Skills Profiler you can see is a simple yet powerful way to express skills, quantify proficiencies in them and present them in a structured, easy-to-appreciate manner.

Little bit more on the Skills Profiler. It is backed by a Skills Library

Constantly updated

The Skills landscape keeps changing and we track new skills that keep emerging and add to the skills Library


The skills are well classified in different areas so that we get a meaningful and complete presentation on one's skills

Acronyms and Synonyms

Skill referred in different ways (such as Web Marketing or Internet Marketing) or using Acronyms (such as Enterprise Java Beans or EJB) are normalized

Ready to Use

Trigger ideas: quickly experiment with site colors & patterns, try out web typography and much more.

Contextual Reference

Skills search allows for one to understand in what context a particular skill is being referred to

Universal Scale

While rating proficiencies on skills, either a five point scale or a binary selection is used while the legends for the scales may vary

There are other such subtle elements to make a Skills Profiler powerful while keeping it simple for the user to use.

Usage of the Skills Profiler

The Skills Profiler can be used for two key information bases in the talent landscape (only these two really matter)

And while creating either the Individual Skills Profile or Job Skills Profile, we thus get a profile that is

Simple - No English, you can express the words and phrases that you have in mind on to the profile

Structured - Easy to appreciate structure for the skills and get precise context in which skills are referred

Datafied - We get the proficiency levels and not just the skills

Similarilty - Both, the job skills profile and the individual skills profile have the same structure

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All these make it easy to

Job Application (Click here to see how applicants will apply)

Create a skills Inventory (Click here to see Skills Inventory)

Analyze skill gap to jobs (Click here to see Skills Gap Report)

Match individuals to jobs (Click here to see Candidate Skills Profiles)

Develop career plans, Perform Skills Analytics, Resource identification and such

If you are a HR tech company and a company that wants to develop your skills based modules on recruitment or competence management or training needs analysis and such, you can use the APIs from IYS

IYS offers simple ready to use applications around Skills Profiler

Enterprise Skills Management Students Skills Management Individual Skills Profiling Creating Job Descriptions