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HR and Recruitment Applications

Get quality data on skills of people and jobs


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IYS Skills Profiler (Just Pick Tick and Rate your Skills)

Skills Profiler is offered to HR and recruitment applications as plugin and API

Skills Profiler is similar to Google Maps API enabling location based businesses

google maps api and skills api

Matching between jobs and people becomes far more precise and easy

perfect job for your skills

Learning Management Systems

Learning Management Systems can identify precisely the skills gaps of individuals and thus tailor the learning programs specific to the individuals’ needs

learning management system
workforce management system

Workforce Management Applications

Skills Profiler can help get data of employees and jobs at skills level and thus make planning and deployment of workforce precise to the skill level

Skills Analytics

Organizations can better inventory skills of jobs and people and perform analytics to take strategic decisions on skills as required to respond to business needs

Skills job portal

Job Portals

Job portals can make it easy for people to create their skills profile in a standardized manner, companies to specify skills for jobs and using matching algorithms quickly bring opportunities to people and resources to companies.

APIs for HR Tech companies for skills search, mapping and profiling

Web apps for different purposes for different users with one goal – maximizing of talent