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It's Your Skills Offers web apps for

Better Talent Acquisition, Management and Development

enabled by an unique Skills Profiling web service

What is Skills Profiling?

Skills Profile, like health profile or financial profile is all about one's skills or skills of a job Skills Profile is a comprehensive and in-depth qualitative and quantitative information on one's skills. Read more...

Why Skills Profile?

Resumes, Job Descriptions, Competency mapping, social media pages etc present skills of oneself or jobs. However, they are textual (a research says just 6 seconds are spent on a resume), non normalised (same thing is called in different ways by different people like Software Engineer, Programmer, Systems Analyst, Software Developer) and unstructured (every resume is in different format making it tough for any recruiter to analyze information)

Because of this "non standardization", and due to disparate systems such as Job Boards, professional social media, recruitment systems, HR systems etc. information inefficiency - they do not flow seamlessly

skills profile

What does a Skills Profile look like

Notice the: simplicity, precision in skills, quantification of proficiency in skills

finally, a format or template that can be used by everyone and two, for people as well as jobs

Here is a sample Skills Profile for a person

Skills profile

Here is a sample Skills Profile for a Job

Job skills profile
skills library hori

How does It's Your Skill Help in Skills Profile construction?

It's Your Skills at the backend built a large Skills Library / taxonomy / database.

The database is prepared after more than 100 manhours of research

The skills are classified to cover different aspects of skills It is exhaustive and covers all functions and industries

The frontend is an intuitive menu card structured, classified listing of skills to capture different facets of one's skills

Anyone in industry or function can easily navigate or perform fuzzy search to create one's skills profile

What are the use cases of Skills Profiling?

It's Your Skills offers different Software As A Service HR applications built around Skills Profiling

  Enterprise Skills Management

An integrated Skills Management application covering

Employee Skills Profiling
Job Skills Profiling
Talent Acquisition / Recruitment
Resource Deployments
Skills Inventory and Analytics
Skills Gap Analysis

ESM will result in

better employee engagement
democratising development initiative
better planning and utilization of skills
more efficient recruitment

Enterprise Skills Management is useful for any company of over 200 employees in any industry Read more...

Other Solutions

  Students Skills Management

An Software As A Service (SAAS) application for colleges to map skills of students, create and share student skills profile for better placement of students Read more...

  Job Skills Profile

An application for creation of Job Skills Profile of Job Descriptions posting them in the web, sharing in social media and more for more efficient recruitment
Whether you planning to recruit 1 person of 100s on regular basis JSP will be helpful Read more...

  Skills Profile API

The rich Skills Library and the skills profiling plugin can be used for developing applications on jobs, talent development, talent management and more. Gives a powerful way for developers to use skills data and enrich their services Read more...

Individuals can experience the mapping of their skills creating their Skills Profile for free

Click here to create Skills profile