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Goals of Skills Profiling

The goals of Skills Profiling and Skills Profiles of individuals and jobs is to help in

  • Using of common language on skills by all
  • Standard presentation of skills and proficiencies
  • Comprehensive information presentation
  • Immense Benefits to the Talent World

    Imagine a world where jobs and profiles of people are presented in such a manner. The benefits are immense:

    Crunching / analytics on skills will see quantum improvement leading to

  • Faster and Better matching of people profile to that jobs
  • Precision in identifying skills gaps of people and thus leading them to appropriate development programs
  • Better utilization of skills of people (human resources) within organization
  • Better insights on market of skills and thus better future planning at individual and organization levels
  • ….and more

    Skills Ontology

    Skills Ontology is a large and constantly updated database of skills. The skills (functional / technical skills, behavioral skills, certifications, activities, domain experience etc.) across functions and industries are organised intelligently to make the Skills Profiling easy and comprehensive.

    Sharing the Skills Ontology and Skills Profiler through APIs

    It’s Your Skills believes that a common terminology and structure in representing skills of people and jobs will benefit every individual and organisation. It’s Your Skills seeks to encourage adoption of the Skills Ontology that IYS constantly updates.

    It’s Your Skills offers the Skills Ontology and Skills Profiler for use by others in the HR tech space including job portals, HRIS, LMS, Workforce Planning Application, Talent Analytics applications and such.

    Through the API these applications can access the IYS Skills Ontology and thus enable users of these applications provide quality data on skills.

    Applications around Skills Profiling

    It’s Your Skills offers applications that enables organizations:

  • Map Skills of Jobs
  • Map Skills of Employees
  • Create Skills Inventory
  • Perform Skills Analytics
  • Analyse Skills Gap
  • Match skills of people and jobs