Are you a company with no HRIS?

Enterprise Skills Management is a web application that will help you manage employee and skills information effectively
Simple to use, ready to deploy requiring no investment in hardware or software
Try for free and pay as per usage (at just $1 per month per employee)

Are you a company that has a HRIS?

Complement your HRIS with Enterprise Skills Management module or develop your own skills module with Skills Profile Engine API
Benefit from skills library of over 1 lakh skills
No disruption to your existing HR application

Are you a HRIS company?

Provide value added service to your existing and prospective customers.
Use the Skills Profile Engine API to develop add on modules based on skills – our skills library has over 1 lakh skills and is constantly updated.

Are you a staffing company?

Utilizing your resource appropriately and responding to business opportunities on skills required is your key driver.
We can help you succeed with our ESM or SPE API

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Skills Library

  • The most exhaustive library of skills managed with technology tools and team in Skills Knowledge Centre mining and researching the talent landscape.
    Skills in all functions and industries
    Skills covering functional / technical as well as behavioral / cognitive skills
    Over 1 lakh skills as on date and constantly growing

Skills Profile Engine

  • A web service around the skills library that is available for any developer to develop applications on skills, for example HRIS, recruitment systems and more.
    Highly secure and responsive web services
    JSON based services compatible with any other technology
    An intuitive frontend for users to create their unique skills profile

Enterprise Skills Management

  • A web application hosted on the cloud and offered on Software As A Service model covering skills inventory, skills based recruitment and skills based deployment
    Just $1 per employee / month
    Easy to get started and use
    Highly secure
    Powerful reporting and analytics