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What we do?

We offer various Applications & Solutions for skills management with just one end goal - structuring of skills & maximizing of talent. Our various Applications & Solutions help you structuring the skills to maximize the talent in your organization.

Our Applications & Solutions

IYS Employee Skills Management

IYS ESM (Employee Skills Management) is a complete end to end skills management cloud-based product that helps organizations of all size's and industries.

learning management system
workforce management system

IYS Skills Resource Management

IYS Skills Resource Management(SRM) enables organizations to Map, Process and Analyse Skills of people and jobs for quantum business improvement.

IYS Skills List

IYS Skills List is a slimmed-down version of the IYS Skills Ontology Engine. In this, we provide you Skills information in an excel sheet format which you can use in your application without any conditions.

Skills profile framework

IYS Skills API

Get the power of IYS Skills Ontology Engine in your various HR application with our Skills Ontology API.

IYS Skills Profiler Plugin

IYS Skills Profiler Plugin provides an intuitive user interface to get your curated skills profile. You just have to select your skills, rate and mark your proficiencies and you will have your curated skills profile ready.


Experience the IYS Skills Profiler Plugin