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SAAS app on Employee Skills Management for Employers

Database, APIs & Plugins on Skills
for HR Tech companies

SAAS Application

On Employee Skills Management

For Employers

A niche HR Application that helps

iys icon Skills Inventorying
iys icon Identify Skills Gaps
iys icon Skills Analysis
iys icon Skills Deployment

….and more

db icon

Database, API and Plugin

On Skills across industries and functions

For HR Tech companies

Resources that enable

iys icon Recruitment Systems
iys icon LMS
iys icon HRIS
iys icon Job Boards

….and more

The Key differentiator and value add is the
Skills Ontology
Skills Ontology is not just a list or database or even a taxonomy.

Read more about the need for Skills Ontology.

IYS believes that good quality skills data is the most important aspect of matching people to jobs, identifying skills gaps of people, performing data analytics on the talent market and so on.

Over the years, IYS has built the Skills Ontology into a rich resource which includes skills data across industries and functions, and is continuously updated on a daily basis.

Highlights of the Skills Ontology

iys icon Covers all Functions and Industries
iys icon Covers Functional, Technical and Behavioral Skills
iys icon Covers Relationships between Skill Categories

Constantly Updated

The Skills landscape keeps changing. We continuously track new skills that keep emerging and add them to the Skills Library.


The skills are well categorized across different areas and industries to enable a meaningful and complete presentation of one’s skills.

Contextual Reference

The skills search functionality allows for a better understanding of the context in which a particular skill is being referred to.

Universal Scale

Rating the proficiency of one's skills is possible through selection on a scale of five, or through binary selection. The legends for the scales may vary.

APIs for HR Tech companies for skills search, mapping and profiling

Web apps for different purposes for different users with one goal – maximizing of talent