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It’s Your Skills – Skills Ontology

It’s Your Skills maintains and constantly enriches a unique Skills Ontology. A Skills Ontology is more than just a database. It provides categorization, clustering, synonyms, and more to make skills mapping holistic and insightful. The Skills Ontology is comprehensive covering every industry and function.

We Offer

Skills Mapping API / Web Plugin
Empowering HR Tech the same way Google Maps empowers Location Based Businesses
Skills Mapping API / Web Plugin enables HR application users to not only add skills but suggest recommendations on related skills and rate the proficiency of their skills. This helps in creating a rich skills profile of jobs or individual skills profile for employees or job applicants or students.
Employee Skills Management SAAS Application
A powerful rich and simple utility created by HR for HR
The hosted-on-cloud and ready to use Employee Skills Management is a powerful application for organizations. It enables maximising on human capital helping companies create Skills Profile of jobs, Skills Profile of employee, Skills Inventory and perform Skills Gap Analysis. This is useful for companies of any size and industry.
Skills Database
Rich resource for custom usage
Skills database is a derivative of our Skills Ontology. The Skills Database can be used for those who are looking to add a rich repository of skills to their HR suite or application. This can also be used for skills parsing and skills analytics.
Constantly updated
The Skills landscape keeps changing. We track new skills that keep emerging and add them to the Skills Library.
The skills are well categorized in different areas so that we get a meaningful and complete presentation of one’s skills
Contextual Reference
Skills search allows for a person to understand in what context a particular skill is being referred to
Universal Scale
Rating the proficiency of skills is done on a scale of five or by using a binary selection. The legends for the scales may vary.

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