Skills Library / Taxonomy from It's Your Skills

Covers over 40,000 skills

Across industries and functions

Updated Regularly

Highlights of the Skills Database Excel

Wide coverage

Covers skills in all industries and functions

Example: Information Technology, Sales & Marketing, HR, Manufacturing


Skills are classified into logical groups or categories

Example: Programming Languages, Accounting Standards, Heat Treatment methods, Clinical Analytical Methods


Covers functional / technical skills, knowledge, certifications, activities and behavioural skills

Example: Java, Online Marketing, HIPAA, DNA Sequencing, Trading in Forex


The Skills Library is constantly updated and you get the latest updated version
Currently there are over 40,000 skills

The Skills Library can be accessed and used through APIs.

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The Skills List is available for purchase
The list will be delivered as an Excel file
The Skills landscape keeps changing and we track new skills that keep emerging and add to the skills Library