Personal Skills Profiling

Your skills are most vital asset.
Take stock of them. Showcase them with your Skills Profile

IYS provides a simple tool “IYS Skills Profiler” to help you map your skills and proficiencies - your Skills Profile

About Skills Profile

A Skills Profile is a mapping of your skills and proficiencies in them

All aspects of your professional enrichment relies on your Skills Profile

Finding right jobs is about matching your skills profile with that of the jobs Your professional growth is about developing your skills that need improvement in proficiencies and skills that you need to acquire in line with market demand and your aspiration

A skills Profile is much for than a few words

There is lot more to Skills Profile than just a few terms on skills like Java, Testing, Photoshop.

A Skills Profile includes different aspects like Functional / Technical skills, Soft Skills, Knowledge of Methods, Standards etc, Role and Activities, Certifications and Domain expertise.

Your skills profile given the combination of these dimensions is unique.

You can download your IYS Skills profile as pdf, attach it to your resume or share link of your profile.