IYS Skills and Occupations Taxonomy (ISOT) API

helps HR Tech applications

in rich skills mapping of people and jobs

to deliver superior value on

recruitment, learning & development and workforce planning

A Google Maps for the skills space?

Geographical information is core to location based applications

Can we imagine applications on car hailing, E-Commerce, Food Delivery, Supply Chain Management without a map?

Location data is at the core of these applications. Google Maps (in most cases) enables these applications to fetch and process location data of these application users

Likewise, skills is at the core of skills based applications such as Recruitment, Learning Management, Workforce Management and other applications. Only with good quality skills data of their users will superior value be delivered to their users.

With ISOT API these applications stand to benefit immensely.

ISOT API seeks to do to skills-centric HR Tech applications what Google Maps does to location based businesses

IYS focuses on research on skills, constantly enriching ISOT. HR Tech focuses on applications that process the skills data contextual to their business case. Together customers see superior value on recruitment, talent development, talent management and more.

Go through the ISOT API documentation

Get to know the details of data fetched through the API

Data delivered through ISOT API

With the API and its endpoints here is all the information that one can get:

1. Skills terms based on a search performed

2. Synonyms of the skill selected

3. Proficiency levels for the skill selected

4. Other skills of the same groups (in ISOT we call them siblings)

5. Skills that are sub skills of the skills (called children)

6. Skills that are sub skills but belong to a different group (called indirect children)

7. Parent of skill

8. Associated Skills (consider them to be relatives of family members in another family)

Here is an illustration of the construct

User data is owned by you and not IYS

When applications integrate the API into the applications, the user information or skills of users are stored at the application end. IYS does not capture the

How to get started with and use the ISOT API?