Match and Analyze skills of candidates and jobs; boost quality and productivity of recruitment

Powered by IYS Skills Profiler that helps capture comprehensive and precise data on skills of candidates and jobs

Introducing RSM (Employee Skills Management)

- a SAAS (Software As A Service) application for improving quality and speed of hiring

Watch this short video introducing RSM

Recruitment is frustratingly inefficient. Here is the root cause - poor data quality on skills

Starting with Job Descriptions onwards, “skills” are poorly articulated, difficult to understand or are difficult to analyse. Resumes and Job Descriptions are poor artefacts of information contributing to further inefficiency. They are highly textual, in non-normalized terminologies, unstructured and in free-for-all formats.

Addressing the root cause - enabling superior quality data on skills

With IYS Skills Taxonomy - the world’s no 1 skills taxonomy, data quality on skills drastically improves. Hiring Managers need to just select from the large, smart, and dynamic skills library using the intuitive Skills Profiler for whichever role they seek to hire.

Likewise candidates can also articulate their skills and proficiencies in these skills against these Job Skills Profile.

The benefits of this approach are immense.

RSM is focused on skills

Recruitment process involves different aspects in the process such as publishing jobs in job boards, vendor management and more. RSM is uniquely focused on the “skills” dimension of recruitment - mapping and analysing of skills.

RSM is easy to use, practical and economic


The features and functionalities are low on bells and whistles and high on practicality


Cloud based; Users across locations can use; No special training required


Provides rich data and reports at micro (individual) and macro (organization) levels


Pay on number of employees in your organization and on yearly subscription

List of features / modules in RSM

Creating Skills Profile of Jobs
Creating a Resource Pool from Resumes
Searching for Profiles from Resource Pool
Sending Job Skills Profiles to Prospects
Prospects submitting their Skills Profile
Skills Match Analysis of prospects and job