Turbo charge your skills centered application

With ISOT API. Integrate your application with World’s No 1 Skills and Occupations Taxonomy

Geographical information is core to location based applications

Skills taxonomy is core to skills based applications such as Recruitment, Learning Management, Workforce Management and other application

However, unlike Geographical information skills is complex

Read on Challenges with Skills Info

At IYS we focus on ensuring quality data on skills

So that you can build powerful skills applications without worrying about the skills data

One source of skills, multiple uses

Different HR Tech applications that revolve around skills offer different functionalities in different people functions. These include recruitment, learning management, workforce planning, resource deployment and others.

All these however, depend on skills data. So if you are into developing in any of these applications ISOT API will be of immense use to you.

Comprehensiveness and flexibility of skills data

The ISOT API provides your rich data on skills such as parent of skills, related skills categories and more. You can choose to use those that are most apt for your application.

You are free to build frontend on top of the ISOT API as fit for your application calling for data from ISOT based on user actions.

End user data saved at your end

The data of your application users are stored at your end IYS does not have access to them. Your data is fully controlled at your end. IYS collects meta data to make the ISOT richer and thus increase value to your application users.

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