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for mapping of skills of jobs and employees

for better recruitment, talent development and management

There are many HRIS out there, but none that is clearly focused on skills of the employee and comes with ready-to-use Skills Library (or Skills Ontology or Skills Database or Competencies)

Why ESM?

Employee Skills Management(ESM) is built on our Skills Ontology(Skills library). The Skills Ontology is categorized and constantly updated. This is more than just a database of skills

ESM enables company do the following:

Map skills of the different positions in the companies
* By skills we refer to technical/functional skills, activities, certifications, knowledge and others Map skills of employees against
Create a Skills Inventory, perform powerful skills analysis
Perform Skills Gap Analysis at individual, position and organization levels

The key aspect is the Skills Ontology at the backend. What this means is that no matter which function one is mapping skills for (such as Information Technology, Accounts, Sales, Engineering etc.) one can identify skills from a backend constantly updated Skills Ontology. This makes the process of skills mapping more precise and comprehensive

The other aspects of the SAAS application on Employee Skills Management

Lightweight, Practical
Hosted, no capital expenditure
Ready to use, No tedious training required
Low cost and only for number of employees using

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