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Your Job Site covers the entire Recruitment Process. IYS’ solutions can help.

Work with IYS to quickly set up a Job Site that approaches
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Some use cases of Skills Profiling on a Job Site

iys icon Create Job Skills Profiles (JSPs)
iys icon Publish jobs
iys icon Share jobs
iys icon Receive candidate applications
iys icon Compare candidates
iys icon Shortlist candidates
iys icon Interview candidates
iys icon Make offers to candidates
iys icon Receive offer acceptances
iys icon Appoint candidates
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You do not have to worry about developing an application or maintaining it. You do what you are best at – recruiting. We enable you with our technology capabilities.

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Publish & Share Jobs

The jobs created in the site can be sent via email as a link or posted on different social media channels in a jiffy.

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Hosted / Cloud based

IYS Skills Profiler is a powerful way for creating skills profile of individuals or jobs. So your target audience – job providers or job seekers can very easily create skills profile in a structured, simple and precise manner in just a few minutes

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Complete Recruitment Workflow

Manage the end-to-end workflow for recruitment - right from Creating a Job Skills Profile to Appointing a Candidate

Why is a Skills Profile needed?

Here are the benefits that a Skills Profile brings you.

Drawbacks of the current system in HR

iys icon Two different templates for jobs and individuals
iys icon Highly textual and unstructured
iys icon No information on proficiencies in skills
iys icon Every document is in a different format

Benefits of IYS Skills Profiles

iys icon One common template for both jobs and individuals
iys icon Simple and precisely focused on skills
iys icon Quantification in the form of rating on proficiencies in skills
iys icon One standardized format for any job seeker and any job provider