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Employee Skills Management Introduction

Employee Skills Management or ESM is a simple Software As A Service (or SAAS) application from It’s Your Skills. ESM enables organizations with mapping of skills of the jobs, mapping of skills or employees, performing skills inventorying, skills gap analysis, skills matching and such. In short ESM enables leveraging the skills of the organizations in a far better and productive manner.

Short Introduction to Employee Skills Management

Employee Skills Management SAAS application enables organization profile, analyze and engage skills more productively. ESM is an unique application that comes with built in Skills Ontology – a rich repository of over 100,000 skills and one that is constantly updated. ESM enables job skills profiling, employee skills profiling, skills inventorying, skills gap analysis and more.

Skills Ontology from It’s Your Skills – a short introduction

It’s Your Skills offers one of the richest skills ontology. The skills ontology with over 100,000 skills terms and covering a gamut of functions and industries is very useful resource for skills profiling, skills analytics, skills matching and more.

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