Use a Skills Inventory to enable effective, data-driven strategic HR decisions

A Skills Inventory, or a detailed aggregation of skills information of employees, is a powerful, data-driven resource for HR and Business Managers to analyze and make strategic decisions on human capital.

Just like a Materials Inventory helps Supply Chain professionals to analyze the availability of different materials, take decisions on what materials need to be bought in what quantity at what time, and other such decisions. A Skills Inventory should similarly enable HR and Business Managers to understand the various skills available in the company, help analyze availability, shortages, and which skills should be acquired, whether from within or externally.

Like any other aggregate of information or data, it is the level of detail and quality of information that decide its effectiveness. Thus, a Skills Inventory can be useful only if detailed and high quality data is available. For instance, not much value is gained from simply knowing that in an organization there are 30 employees with project management skills. However, availability of a detailed Skills Inventory which provides the information that there are 30 employees with project management skills, of whom 12 have skills in agile methodology, and among those 12, there are 4 members who are at proficiency level 3 (out of 4) and 8 members at proficiency level 2. Such information can offer a massive boost to the effectiveness of decision making.

The mapping of skills in order to generate an inventory is made easy with the Skills Ontology and the easy to use Skills Profiler offered by It’s Your Skills.

The Skills Ontology covers a comprehensive range of functions and covers skills in detail. In other words, what would otherwise require a major spend on consultants to create a competency library is built into the It’s Your Skills system and ready to use, for no additional cost. The Skills Profiler is a user friendly web (and mobile responsive) interface that helps users to pick, tick and rate skills to quickly map skills in a precise, holistic and structured manner.

Here is a sample Skills Inventory Report:

You can see different skills in logical clusters, the number of employees who possess each of these skills, and the different proficiency levels in each of the skills.

Try the Skills Inventory application for 50 employees for free today! Write to us at to get started or to know more.

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