Do organizations really know the true worth of their Human Capital?

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In today’s interconnected global economy, it is becoming increasingly apparent that the key differentiator for the success of a corporation is the talent that they have. When one looks closely at two companies that are in a similar line of business with more or less identical operational models and yet the performance of one is markedly better than another – the difference could be in that intangible asset called “talent”. In a recent whitepaper from one of the leading players in the Enterprise space has highlighted that the differences in ability to attract, develop & retain talent may explain the superior financial performance of companies.

The white paper by Oracle ( which also cites inputs from McKinsey study is a revelation. It points to the markedly better performance of companies that attempt to analyse talent data and metrics. While a number of metrics are cited, we believe the key really is in “competency and skill profiling” which then can be related to a number of other metrics like skills availability, succession planning, quality of hire etc.

At the end of the day, the value of the talent on-board is the repository of his/her skills, capabilities & learnings applied to the organizational context. The skills and capabilities that individuals possess is what an organization takes to market. Isn’t it vital to actually capture, analyse, and further strengthen the most important asset of any organization? So are organizations really paying enough attention to this? Sadly, many aren’t and the main reason is the lack of simple means of building this “human capital asset” inventory.

In this regard, ITS YOUR SKILLS core IP of Personal profile that comes to fore. Personal Profile is a proprietary framework that also organically builds intelligence around the framework. It enables organizations to holistically capture the skills profile of individuals and then delve deep into issues and arrive at various metrics around talent management and development. It’s the one-stop-shop for unlocking the hidden potential of “talent”, whatever be the sector, or type of industry. It is simple, intuitive and yet comprehensive – literally the talent DNA.

Personal Profile will help your organization through profile, engage and develop one’s Talent

  • Covers diverse roles that people play in industries – individual contributor, managerial and entrepreneurial roles
  • It can be constantly updated and accessed
  • Applicable for profiling talents in different functions as well as industries
  • Covers various categories of skills
  • Dynamical improvement to include emerging skills

Personal Profile can be further used in multiple ways for unearthing the latent talent potential whichever organization, industry, environment or geography you are in – let it be for career development, job vacancy matching and fulfillment, skill gap identification and various analytics that constitutes talent intelligence. Hosted on cloud, it’s flexibility allows you to choose just what you want. Explore your Personal Profile now and embark on the journey of talent discovery – helping you stay leaps ahead of competition.

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