Talent Development with better Skills Profiling

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Talent Development remains at the top in the list of priorities for business leaders. The key to effective talent development is to synchronize the needs of the employees and that of the business – in terms of skills. “Skills Profiling” will help in this process and thus enable better talent development.

What are the goals of talent development programs or processes?

  • Understanding the skills gaps in the employees i.e. skills that the employees need to develop to be effective in their current job and facilitating the development of these skills
  • Appreciating the career aspirations of the employees – the future job or role (s)he wants to play and the skills gap from this perspective and facilitating the development of these skills
  • Taking a stock of the business’s current skills as a whole, appreciating the skills that would be needed in the near and long term future and developing these skills in the organization

Look within these and we find that the key elements are:

  • Knowing the Skills of Employee well
  • Knowing the Skills of Jobs (current and the future jobs)
  • Using these for better planning on development at individual and organization level and for immediate and future jobs

Unfortunately, while the desire to do better on talent development is very high in businesses and lot of time and money is spent on talent development, the results are not as desired. In all probability it is because organizations’ are not doing these basic things well.


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Ramu is founder of It's Your Skills. Feels he has been fortunate to have had education in engineering and human resources and experience in non-IT and IT industries. They have helped him evolve an all round perspective on the talent space.

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