Say no to resumes. Why?

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Three reasons why we need to do away with resumes

  1. It is a minimal text world
    We live in a world of 140 character tweets and short messages, while resumes are textual and verbose. No wonder, most people don’t read resumes. Average time given to a resume is just a few seconds. After all we are now habituated to skimming through information. Or rely on robots to weed out the “good” from the “bad” ones.
  2. Resumes are not standardized
    Every resume has a different format. Recruiters need to make sense of the unstructured resumes to cull out key information and compare that with others. In the process information is lost or misinterpreted. Skills Ability Aptitude Personal Efficacy ConceptsAfter all it is a difficult human exercise – comparing text in different formats.
  3. Problems of document formats
    Different resumes come in different formats – some .doc, some .docx, some pdf. These accentuates the 2nd problem.
    Ok, maybe it is not that most people felt it resumes were bad and should be done away with. In all probability you are one. But it exists because there was no choice.
    But there is a better way!
    Check out the skills profiling from It’s Your Skills. It enables the sequential presentation of skills information precisely and crisply using a standardized vocabulary.
    Please do share your views after you experience it.
    We are committed to improving.

About Ramu Govindan

Ramu is founder of It's Your Skills. Feels he has been fortunate to have had education in engineering and human resources and experience in non-IT and IT industries. They have helped him evolve an all round perspective on the talent space.

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