HR for SMEs – Five reasons why SAAS is the way to go

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SaaS based HR Software

Many small to medium enterprise (SME) owners or managers, Human Resources (HR) poses the biggest challenge for running and managing their business. HR for SMEs needs an approach different from one that adopted for large companies. For various reasons SaaS HR software (SaaS – Software As A Service) offer the best solutions to meet the needs of SME and those managing them. This article outlines five of those reasons.

Considering the time and effort that goes into a SME and the hard work to build that company and enjoy growth, it is no wonder that often talent management suffers or receives less focused attention. For many owners and managers they need training or guidance themselves to offer their employees. There is an abundance of talent management companies in the market that can take care of this for SME owners and managers, however, for most they are too big, too expensive, and what they offer is not specifically targeted to an individual company’s needs. Most solutions offered do not fit the needs of SMEs and as a result the solution becomes the problem or issue that needs resolution, instead of the talent or HR management itself.

Thanks, in part, to the level of technology of today there are more intuitive HR solutions which are ideal for helping SMEs overcome issues, barriers and challenges, and conduct their own talent management. Solutions that offer cloud based software run applications that are interactive and simple to use. No longer the owners or managers need to spend an excessive amount of time and money on software applications that will never fully resolve the issue or meet the needs of their concern.

5 reasons and notable benefits of SaaS based HR solutions:

1. Low cost of initiation

The well-known brands and classic software and suites usually require a substantial upfront investment just to get a license and get started. In many cases users pay for a license and then either a maintenance fee or regular updates for as long as they wish to use the product. With a hosted SaaS models this is not the case, with most of them offering a pay-as-you-go model that allows you the flexibility of choosing which service you want to use and for how long.

2. Low running cost

As mentioned in the first reason, most software requires some form of ongoing maintenance cost. Again, this is not the case with SaaS models, a user will not find themselves paying for updates and upgrades as regular as technology demands an update.

3. Easy Entry and Exit

In many systems available in the market, users find it harder to shift or migrate into another system and even experience other compatibility issues. In hosted SaaS models, migration is easy and loses do not occur during the migration.

4. Easy usage

SaaS solutions are flexible and convenient in many different scenarios. It may be that a SME is growing and hiring new staff, or managing multiple locations, or simply looking to manage the talent their current employees offer. The system can be accessed from anywhere in the world with an internet connection and users can access it simply through a web browser.

5. High reliability

SaaS applications are hosted in quality data centers, these centers are managed by I.T. infrastructure management professionals whom are experts in their fields, and enjoy a 99.95% uptime, providing the highest level of data security. In layman’s terms, this means data stored in these centers are accessible and reliable at all times.

The advances in technology have brought hosted SaaS applications to the forefront of reliable avenues for HR management. The ease of use, easy entry, high reliability, and cost savings make them an essential exploration for all SME owners and managers.

Employee Skills Management is a talent management solution from 3D Talent Services. They offer the best-in-class talent management utility on a hosted SaaS model. They offer a variety of applications and support SMEs in ensuring they get what they need, and what is applicable to them. This makes the work so easy for the HR management. Potential users can experience their expertise by taking the offer today, for free. A short period of time spent now, will save a lot of time and stress later.

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