Get Recruiters to better understand job requirement for better recruitment results

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Job Requirement -Facts:

  • Recruiters are key to recruitment as they are the ones who are going to be sourcing for the job.
  • Recruiters could be in-house or outsourced vendors and not all are equally capable.
  • Recruiters do not, most often, understand the Job Requirement as much as the Hiring Manager.

Thus it is imperative that they have precise, clear information on skills required to be able to source, screen and shortlist candidates for you.

  • They are one of the mostly highly stressed people, being bombarded with so many resumes, so many job descriptions, having to look at different jobs and social sites.
  • Thus making it easier and simpler for them to digest information will help a lot.

So how can you help the Recruiters-

  • Give them precise Job Requirement or Job Skills Information, in simple terms, clearly indicating which skills are important, which is less. So,

          Here is a nice way to give them simple and precise information on job skills-

Start Creating your Job Description Here.


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Ramu is founder of It's Your Skills. Feels he has been fortunate to have had education in engineering and human resources and experience in non-IT and IT industries. They have helped him evolve an all round perspective on the talent space.

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