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Employee Skills Analytics
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Challenges of IT Service Businesses

IT Services businesses are complex with

Skills sets varied, dispersed and constantly emerging
Tracking skills has never been easy and is more so now.



IT Services businesses' top line and bottom line depend on

the Optimized Resource Utilization or Skills Utilization


If the Sales person is not aware of the skills in the orgaization

Opportunities can be lost

If Recruitment team does not have visibility of skills in the organization

Unnecessary hires will happen

IYS Solutions for IT Service Businesses

With Employee Skills Analytics (ESA) SAAS application

Have visibility of every skill of every person in the organization

And have it shared it across the organization

Backed by a robust and dynamic Skills Taxonomy,

Skills Profiling is easy, comprehensive and detailed

Everyone has visibility of every skills

A sales opportunity?

Sales can immediately identify people with the skills combination

A hiring request?

Recruitment can immediately suggest alternate resources from within

Video on ESA application

Features of Employee Skills Analytics

Role Skills Profiling

Desginated persons (Managers, Functional Heads, Subject Matter Experts) can create Role Skills Profiles for the different roles. They select and rate on skills from the in-built Skills Profiler in just 5 to 10 minutes.

Employee Skills Profiling

Employees (across functions, and levels) can create thier Employee Skills Profiles using the Skills Profiler. Managers then provide skill level feedback on the Skills Profile to the Employees.

Skills Inventory

Powerful report on all the skills in the company, the number of employees with these skills, average proficiency level, number of employees in each of the proficiency level. Filtering options to slide and dice data.

Skills Gap Analysis

Skill level gaps in the skills i.e. gap between the expected prodiciency in a skill for a role vis a vis the proficiency of the employee in the role. Role-wise, Employe-wise and Unit level info for in depth analysis

Skills Profile Matching

Matching of skills profiles of employees vis a vis that of a combination of skills. Useful to identify resources within for a particular role.

Employee Development

Employees can obtain annonymous feedback on their skills from their peers. They can identify other roles close to their profiles and gaps in skills against them.

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