Create your Individual Skills Profile

using simple, data-driven and skills-centric Skills Profiler

Just Pick-Tick-Rate your skills

Highlights of Individual Skills Profile

Simplicity and ease

with just some clicks you can bring out your skills precisely, neatly (no long texts) and in a structured manner


cover all aspects of your skills including knowledge areas, behavioral skills, certifications, domain and others


you can indicate how good you are in skills that you have. We all are good in some and not so good in some

The aim of It’s Your Skills, through the Skills Profiler, is to create a simple and universal way for mapping and depicting of skills of individuals (you and us) and that of jobs.

Created my Individual Skills Profile, what next?

You can download a pdf and shoot it to others as an alternate to resume or attach it to your resume
You can share your skills profile in your social pages
Constantly updated
The Skills landscape keeps changing and we track new skills that keep emerging and add to the skills Library
The skills are well classified in different areas so that we get a meaningful and complete presentation on one’s skills
Contextual Reference
Skills search allows for one to understand in what context a particular skill is being referred to
Universal Scale
While rating proficiencies on skills, either a five point scale or a binary selection is used while the legends for the scales may vary