Skills Map

- Map all your skills, Know related skills, Explore other skills
Maps are powerful tool to help us Likewise, Skills Map helps us
know where we are know our skills
places around us Know related skills
places in other parts of the world know skills in other areas

Get started with exploring your skills

A structured, well classified, universal skills library
This will help us all - individuals, companies, institutions etc. With this belief It's Your Skills has created the most exhaustive Skills Library.

Constantly Updated

Through our own research and user contribution

Normalized for Acronyms

Example Cisco Certified Network Associate is same as CCNA

Normalized for Synonyms

Example Enterprise Java Beans is treated same as EJB

Contextual references

Helps understand where exactly we have used a skill

If you are a company and have a website, help your employees become aware of their skills

If you run a job site or other HR application, improve user engagement or experience

It's Your Skills use the Skills Library in several ways to maximize talent

skills library

Skills Map is used

1. Unique Skills Profiler for profiling of skills for jobs and for individuals

2. Skills inventory and skills gap analysis of employees by companies

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