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Skills Library and Profiling engine

The most effective way to map and create comprehensive, holistic and precise skills profiles for better talent management

Skills Library Highlights

 skill profile engine Most exhaustive library of skills in one location Over 120,000 skills and growing daily Continually updated with new and emerging skills Covers functional, technical, behavioral and cognitive skills Applies to all industries, departments and job functions

Skills Profiling App Advantages

skill profile edit Easy, convenient and standardized way to map and represent skills Intuitive frontend ensures easy and optimal user experience Available as a ready-to-use plugin for your own applications Multi-functional: employee skills profiling, job descriptions and much more

Skills Library and Profiling Engine Benefits

skills dashboard ipad view Standardized and datafied method of skills mapping Enables detailed and effective skills analytics, thus enriching talent analytics Creates more efficient talent marketplace with better information flow Reduces redundancies due to depth and range of tangible skills data

Skills Library and Profiling Engine Implementation

skills desktop view Particularly valuable for HRIS and companies using HRIS Create and develop multiple skills modules quickly and easily Invaluable for recruitment, performance appraisals, resource deployment and more Facilitates enrichment of existing talent modules Allows individuals to better represent their skills and plan career development