Plain Vanilla Skills List

The Skills Database is delivered to you in a single column Excel file with all the skills. Make a one-time purchase

Categorized Skills List

The Skills Database is delivered to you in a three column Excel file with all the skills. Make a one-time purchase

If you are planning to add skills data to your website or HR application, or planning to perform skills-based analytics, the Skills Database from IYS could be a very useful resource.

The Skills Database is a collection of over 60,000 skills covering skills across:

Technical or Functional skills
Behavioral Skills
Tools or Applications

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High Level categoryNumber of rows
1Information Technology 23351
2Life Sciences 5262
3Engineering 4323
4Accounts, Finance, Banking, Insurance 1045
5Telecom 1037
6Manufacturing, Production, Operations 960
7Medicine, Healthcare 838
8Sales & Marketing 596
9Arts, Crafts, Sports 417
10Education, Training, Research 338
11Human Resources 303
12Skilled Service 210
13Supply Chain / Materials Management 174
14Media, Entertainment 171
High Level categoryNumber of rows
15Legal 154
16Business Management 141
17Behavioural Skills 128
18Transportation Services 121
19Agriculture, Animal Husbandry, Food Processing 116
20Hospitality, Customer Service 97
21Language 86
22Personal / Domestic Care related Services 81
23General Administration / Administrative Support 76
24Pharmaceuticals / Biotech 71
25Food Industry 49
26Social Service 37
27Medical, Healthcare 32
28Environment, Health, Safety, Security 30

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It’s Your Skills combines rich experience in the Skills Database and capabilities in the cutting edge web technologies to create novel solutions in the global talent space.

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It’s Your Skills has created a Skills Plugin and Skills API of over 60,000 skills across industries and functions. These are classified under different logical sections and sub sections.

Skills are clustered into logical groups.
Associated to more than one node in the skills Ontology.
Skills are drilled down to finer details.
Skills Ontology updation is a continuous process.

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Skills Database

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