Buy the Exhaustive Skills Database

40,000 Skills
300 Categories
20 Functional Categories

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If you are planning to add skills data to your website or HR application, or planning to perform
skills-based analytics, the Skills Database from IYS could be a very useful resource.

Plain Vanilla Skills Database
One-time PurchaseA single column Excel / CSV file with the list of skills
Categorized Skills Database
One-time PurchaseA three column Excel / CSV file with Broad Skills Category in the first column, Specific Skills Category in the second and Skills in the third column

The Skills Database covers

iys icon Technical / Functional Skills
iys icon Activities
iys icon Certifications
iys icon Behavioral Skills
iys icon Technologies

The Skills Database covers over 30 functional areas including

iys icon Skills in Information Technology
iys icon Skills in Finance & Accounts
iys icon Skills in Healthcare
iys icon Skills in Engineering
iys icon Skills in Life Sciences
iys icon Skills in Human Resources
iys icon Skills in Sales, Marketing
iys icon Skills in Manufacturing
iys icon Skills in Trades
iys icon Skills in Banking & Finance
... and many more