Web plugins and Skills API help in users of applications on jobs, HR, talent development,

talent analytics and such. Map skills of jobs and individuals in a more effective manner

There are five resources we provide

Skills Search Plugin

Users can search for skills which are autocompleted or auto prompted from the Skills Ontology. They can select the skills and add to their profile or job. Makes adding skills so much easier and eliminates errors in adding skills

Skills Search and Rating Plugin

Going beyond adding skills, here the users can add proficiencies to skills i.e. how good they are on a skills.  Adding proficiencies help in better matching of jobs to people and help better design development activities

Related Skills Search Plugin

On selecting a skill, the users are displayed skills within the same category and also categories that are related to the selected skill. This helps user bring out skills that are important to be captured but may not be on top of one’s mind.

Skills Profiling Plugin

Users may feel the need to qualify or elaborate on their skills.
This option allows the users, apart from using all the features above, add comments to their skills.

Skills API

Skills Mapping API / Web plugin enables users of HR application not only add skills, but also gets recommendations on related skills, allows for rating on proficiencies of skills. And thus help create a rich skills profile of jobs or that of individuals (it could be applicants for jobs, students, or employees)

Skills Profiler has several facets

Rating on proficiency levels of skills
The ratings and the legends are customized for the skill
Prompting the user with related skills category helps users pay attention on areas that they may miss, not all skills are on top of our mind always
The clustering of skills is tailored to the functional area
Essentially we try to address the question – what are the related things (skills) we need to know of the person or job to appreciate one’s or a job’s skills

Technical features

The IYS Skills Ontology is maintained in server in the US
The plugins are optimized for web and mobile
The plugins can be customized for font and color to match your applications
Constantly updated
The Skills landscape keeps changing and we track new skills that keep emerging and add to the skills Library
The skills are well classified in different areas so that we get a meaningful and complete presentation on one’s skills
Contextual Reference
Skills search allows for one to understand in what context a particular skill is being referred to
Universal Scale
While rating proficiencies on skills, either a five point scale or a binary selection is used while the legends for the scales may vary

APIs for HR Tech companies for skills search, mapping and profiling

Web apps for different purposes for different users with one goal – maximizing of talent;