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The Skills Profiler based recruitment leads to consolidated data on skills of all applicants and also their proficiency levels as assessed in interviews. This helps in better analysis and better decision making on recruitment.

Other Usage of the Skills Profiler

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All these make it easy to

Individual Skills Profile (Click here to see a sample)

Job Skills Profile (Click here to see a sample)

Job Application (Click here to see how applicants will apply)

Create a Skills Inventory (Click here to see Skills Inventory)

Analyze Skill Gap to jobs (Click here to see Skills Gap Report)

Develop career plans, Perform Skills Analytics, Resource identification and such

If you are a HR tech company and a company that wants to develop your skills based modules on recruitment or competence management or training needs analysis and such, you can use the APIs from IYS

IYS offers simple ready to use applications around Skills Profiler

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