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The aim of It's Your Skills, through this Skills Profiler, is to create a new, universal way to map and depict the skills of individuals. Just Search, Pick, Tick and Rate your Skills.

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One common template for both and jobs and individuals. Manage the end-to-end workflow for recruitment - right from Creating a Job Skills Profile to Appointing a Candidate.

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It's Your Skills(IYS) enables organizations to Map, Process and Analyse Skills of people and jobs for quantum business improvement.

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You can see that the Skills Profile is a representation of skills that are

1. Easy to comprehend

2. Structured

3. Simple

4. Data-centric

And these two i.e. Employee Skills Profiles and Job Skills Profiles can be used in several ways

Skills Profile

What is IYS Skills Profile?

Skills Profile, like health profile or financial profile is all about one's skills or skills of a job Skills Profile is a comprehensive and in-depth qualitative and quantitative information on one's skills.

Why Skills Profile?

Resumes, Job Descriptions, Competency mapping, social media pages etc present skills of oneself or jobs. However, they are textual (a research says just 6 seconds are spent on a resume), non normalised (same thing is called in different ways by different people like Software Engineer, Programmer, Systems Analyst, Software Developer) and unstructured (every resume is in different format making it tough for any recruiter to analyze information) Because of this "non standardization", and due to disparate systems such as Job Boards, professional social media, recruitment systems, HR systems etc. information inefficiency - they do not flow seamlessly.

It's Your Skills

It’s Your Skills combines rich experience in the Human Resources (HR) and capabilities in the cutting edge web technologies to create novel solutions in the global talent space.