Getting the best people to join your organization is a challenge

How conscious your organization is at recruiting top talent profoundly influences your bottom line. But it’s not always easy to find the right people. That’s where an IYS skills-based recruitment application proves to be a game-changer.

But recruiting the best workforce for max efficiency is easier said than done

It’s a recurring problem that includes:

Inability of job providers to find the right people
Frustratingly long cycle time for fulfilling open positions
Poor quality of processing of applicants to jobs
Inability of seekers to find the right job for their profile

What you need is a robust talent management application built on a skills foundation

The only sustainable way to solve this problem is by crafting a skills-based recruitment strategy focused on finding the best hire.

With RSM application, you can manage the most qualified talent by focusing on the actual skills you need—so you can build a workforce that’s switched on (right from day one.)

Experience a faster and more profitable way to manage your hiring needs

With the RSM application, you can extract skills from resumes, create an insightful skills inventory using the simplified data and intelligence of the powerful ISOT framework in the background.

Here are a few features that stand out:

Easy profile mapping through the simplest interface
Powerful analysis with skills associations & grouping
Precision matching capabilities based on real-world skills

Want to know the root cause of most recruitment problems?

The overall low productivity at individual and organizational levels is mostly based on one factor—an imperfect understanding & deployment of skills. Here are the common challenges:

Skills are casually expressed in resumes and job descriptions
There is a varied use of different terminologies
Most skills-based information that you get is incomplete
There is an evident lack of data on proficiencies in skills

RSM application is designed from the ground up to solve these problems

The core idea is to present the skills in a simple, structured manner and using the same terminologies (discarding the resumes and job descriptions.)

This effectively means crunching data on skills for analyzing the correct matches becomes easy. The discoverability of people’s skills (by the job providers) and jobs (by the job seekers) becomes straightforward.

Our RSM application helps articulate the skills of people and jobs in a comprehensive manner with a simple to use frontend tool backed by the world’s richest skills taxonomy, ISOT.

Using the Skills Profile of the people and jobs makes the recruitment process seamless and productive. In a way, you are converting all resumes into a standardized skills profile (a recruiter’s dream.)

The best weapon in your arsenal— You can create a powerful Job Skills Profile or JSP

JSP is an articulation of the skills and proficiencies required for the role. The JSP creation is made easy with the RSM application backed by the world’s richest Skills Taxonomy.
JSP can be sent by email, posted on social media, among other channels. Application to jobs through the JSP is absolutely easy. Here are the unnecessary steps that it eliminates:

The prospective candidates can apply to jobs by merely filling the Job Skills Profile or JSP.
JSP also ensures key aspects such as avoidance of resumes (sent in different formats by different candidates)
With the standardized, structured, quantitative skills profile of jobs and applicants, it becomes easy to identify percentage match to the jobs

Here are the benefits:

No need for any preliminary screening by recruiters or candidates.
Further analysis at the skill level of the various candidates is easy as well
RSM app has inbuilt skills matching algorithm to give match scores for the applicants

RSM application can also help in creating a resource pool

Organizations have stacks of aggregated resumes over a period, which is actually a precious resource. RSM app can be used to parse all the resumes to bring out the skills.

The profiles derived from the resumes can be sent to candidates for updating and validation to refine the skills profile further.

This resource pool of candidate profiles can be searched and analyzed whenever a hiring need comes up.

With such an organized hiring process, RSM application helps attract top talent. People always crave to work with organizations with a well-defined recruitment process. It’s a win-win for everyone.

Welcome to the next generation of recruitment.

A recruiting hub to fill positions at will with an intuitive candidate experience that builds your brand. Time to take control with RSM application.