Get Your
Data Talking with ISOT Profiler Plugin

ISOT Profiler is an intuitive web plugin that serves as the frontend UI and integrates with your in-house application to solve problems in the talent space.

Profiler Plugin is the frontend UI, and skills taxonomy is the backend

ISOT Profiler Plugin is a frontend user interface to help users search, select and rate proficiencies in skills to solve problems in the talent space.

It acts as a UI that the users utilize to interact with the skills ontology to map people’s skills (or jobs.)

IYS is “Google Maps” for skills

Consider Google maps. Google continually updates its location database and offers them in the form of a web plugin (Google Maps app) for any application that depends on location based data.

Businesses like Airbnb have the option to use the backend database from Google. The Airbnb applications do not have to worry about constant updating of location information. Users of Airbnb never interact directly with the Google Maps web app.

But Airbnb gets access to the location information through Google API calls to solve their problems (such as how much time it would take from place A to place B).


The skills ontology (the backend database) and skills profiler (the frontend UI) are similar to Google Maps. Just like Google, we regularly update the skills ontology in the backend. You can use this unique “skills data” through ISOT API and the skills profiler web plugin.

Why ISOT Profiler Plugin?

This means using an easy-to-understand frontend, anyone (even non-techies) can create a Skills Profile in 5 to 10 minutes. It would still be the most comprehensive one covering different aspects of skills profile. Imagine the kind of power this gives to the decision-makers.

ISOT profiler plugin is perfect for you if,

You are developing their skills related application that could be recruitment system, learning management system, skills matching engines, AI in recruitment, HRIS, workforce deployment, and similar use cases.

The revenue model is also straightforward. You just pay per use i.e. you pay for the number of API calls you make—no more, no less.

ISOT profiler is the “rocket fuel” to your existing framework — Do your thing. But do it better