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IYS Organization Skills Management

IYS OSM (Organization Skills Management) is a complete end to end skills management cloud-based product that helps organizations of all sizes and industries.

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How can it help you?

IYS OSM helps enables organizations to Map, Process and Analyse Skills of people and jobs for business growth. It gives Employees, Managers, HR and Business Leaders vital skills data for a great improvement in resource deployment, learning, employee engagement, business planning and more. IYS OSM is powered by our Skills Ontology Engine. (What is Skills Ontology URL)

Features of OSM

Resource / Workforce Management and Deployment

IYS OSM provides essential data on skills which helps Product Managers, Operations Head, Delivery Teams and client Managers to effectively manage their resources and in making timely important business decisions. Quality data on skills will enable organizations to do strategic planning on human capital more effectively and timely.

Talent Acquisition & Recruitment planning

Identify the skills that you are in surplus with and are deficient in your organization. With the help of OSM, organizations can plan ahead on what skills to hire for or which employees can be retrained.

Career & Succession Planning

Engage with your employees by giving them access to their current skills profile which helps them match the skills required for the position they aspire for and help them plan ahead.

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OSM (Organization Skills Management) is a complete end to end skills management SAAS(software as a service) product. The main features include: Mapping of skills of jobs (or Job Skills Profiling), mapping of skills of employees (or Employee Skills Profiling), creating Skills Inventory (at organization or organization unit level), performing skills gap analysis (at individual employee level or at organization level), resource deployment based on skills matching, skills matching of applicants and jobs for recruitment and such.

OSM is powered with our Skills Ontology engine which helps in adding (or mapping) of skills to jobs and similarly adding (or mapping) of skills to employees or applicants. Creating and more importantly maintaining a Skills library is one of the biggest challenge that organizations face particularly when the talent landscape is dynamic and new skills keep emerging. OSM will help you in achieving that.

OSM is meant for organizations in any industry.

OSM is suitable for companies of all sizes.

Organizations do not have to bother about managing any software or hardware as those are managed by us. OSM is hosted in the cloud by us. We will help you with setting up the OSM in your organization within a day. Getting your employees on board the product is also very easy and simple.

By Skills Profiling, we mean getting and presenting the skills that are required for the job or person with the proficiencies in the skills.

Yes, the information from OSM can be used for LMS. In fact, the information from OSM will help make the LMS more effective as organizations using OSM will have precise information on skills gaps and thus the training needs of the employees.

Yes, OSM is accessible through any Web browser and thus it can be accessed in any part of the globe. All you need is an Internet Enabled System and you are all set.

Need more info on the server. Will put up information once we have access to the server and can check the certifications.

Yes, OSM can be customized for organizations. However, a proper analysis on the extent of customization will only tell what and at what cost the customization be done.

As of now OSM is provided in English only. We have plans to provide the product in other languages during 2019.

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