Time to shift focus from managing people to managing skills

Skills centered economy requires skills centered Human Capital Management. IYS can help you get skills centered

Introducing OSM (Organization Skills Management)

- a SAAS (Software As A Service) application for managing Skills across people functions Centered around

World’s No 1 Skills and Occupations Taxonomy - ISOT

Watch this short video introducing OSM

Here are some ways in which you can benefit from IYS OSM

With the OSM app, you can instantly assemble better qualified and “skill-centric” teams

Say bye to poor people-related decisions that were just based on demographic information—No more lost business opportunities, inadequate organization preparedness, and regrets. With IYS, you can bring skills to the center of all decisions related to people.

Hit your team goals in record time with a much-improved project completion rate

With IYS, you can bring skills data from all corners of the organization while removing the barriers to productivity so you spend your time focusing on tasks that matter.

Powerful applicants and employee skills profiling

Map skills and proficiencies of new applicants and employees. Once reviewed, you can create a custom skills inventory that can offer perpetual insights into your true potential at any given moment.

Conduct a thorough skills gap analysis

Apply further filters on skills data to get an in-depth view, instantly identifying high to low-level gaps in your data with powerful analytics.

OSM is easy to use, practical and economic


The features and functionalities are low on bells and whistles and high on practicality


Cloud based; Users across locations can use; No special training required


Provides rich data and reports at micro (individual) and macro (organization) levels


Pay on number of employees in your organization and on yearly subscription

List of features / modules in OSM

Profiling of Skills of Employees
Finding Matching Skills Profiles for Open Positions
Profiling of Skills of Jobs
Creating a Resource Pool from Resumes
Skills Inventory of Employees’ skills
Searching for Profiles from Resource Pool
Analysis of Skills Gap in different jobs
Sending Job Skills Profiles to Prospects
Analysis of Skills Gap of employees
Prospects submitting their Skills Profile
Identifying employees in organizations on skills
Skills Match Analysis of prospects and job

Learn how OSM application would help grow your organization & improve your bottom line without growing your headcount