Shape the future of your organization

How well you map, analyze, and leverage people skills will determine how swiftly you keep up, are able to evolve, and pivot in the face of change. IYS helps you leverage every resource in real-time—so you can deliver fast, increase your revenue, and strengthen your ROI.

Want to know why you’re unable to mobilize every human resource at your disposal?

Because your human capital management process is broken (and we have the long-term solution.)

You need to adopt a system to clearly express the organizational skills quickly, holistically, through one common language.

Enter Organization Skills Management (OSM)

Unfortunately, most organizations are woefully inadequate when it comes to garnering “quality” skills data and their human resource’s real potential.

We will showcase how the OSM application can drives business success today. With our industry-leading foundation of ISOT tech, you get to see how skills are the real currency of today’s global economy.

With the OSM app, you can instantly assemble better qualified and “skill-centric” teams

Say bye to poor people-related decisions that were just based on demographic information—No more lost business opportunities, inadequate organization preparedness, and regrets. With IYS, you can bring skills to the center of all decisions related to people.

Hit your team goals in record time with a much-improved project completion rate

With IYS, you can bring skills data from all corners of the organization while removing the barriers to productivity so you spend your time focusing on tasks that matter.

Powerful applicants and employee skills profiling

Map skills and proficiencies of new applicants and employees. Once reviewed, you can create a custom skills inventory—which would offer perpetual insights into your true potential at any given moment.

Conduct a thorough skills gap analysis

Apply further filters on skills data to get an in-depth view, instantly identifying high to low-level gaps in your data with powerful analytics.

Why is the OSM application unique?

It is a one-of-a-kind end to end skills management solution powered by ISOT—our custom skills ontology engine.

With the help of a clutter-free interface, the OSM app lets you maintain a skills library (which is one of the biggest challenges that organizations face, particularly when the talent landscape is dynamic and new skills keep emerging all the time. OSM also enables robust resource deployment and recruitment functions.

NO need to manage complex software or hardware

OSM application is offered as a SaaS tool with the convenience of a usage-based subscription fee without bothering about managing complex software or hardware. Hosted on a cloud, OSM can be set up within a day.

OSM is a partner for all organizations at every stage:

Make the best use of your resources
Assemble ROI-driven teams on the fly
Assign tasks based on deep skills insights
Mitigate project risk with backups
Ignite unlimited innovation & ideas

Learn how OSM application would help grow your organization & improve your bottom line without growing your headcount