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List of IT Skills from It's Your Skills

25,000 IT skills

1500 categories

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Highlights of the Information Technology Skills List


With over 25,000 skills the list of IT Skills from It's Your Skills is one of the most comprehensive lists


The IT skills are constantly updated Your purchase will give you the most recently updated IT Skills List


The IT Skills are classified into different skills categories such as databases and cloud platform Overall there are 1500 categories


In many cases Synonyms or commonly used phrases for the skills are included Such as "EJB" for "Enteprise Java Beans"



  More details of IT Skills List

The list will be provided to you as an Excel file


"Skills" include activities, technology skills,concepts, and certifications


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A sample from the List of IT Skills

Category Skills
Programming Language Java
Programming Language C++
Big Data Hadoop
Databases Radis
Databases MySql
E Commerce Applications Hybris
BI Tools Microstrategy
BI Tools Dooley

It's Your Skills specializes in Skills Profiling and managing a Skills Library

Our dedicated team has built the list of IT skills with over 40 manmonths of efforts in researching for these IT skills and classifying them. We constantly update the SkillsLibrary

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