Software As A Solution (SAAS) Applications for HR Tech, Organizations, Individuals

To map, develop and deploy skills effectively for sustained growth

Today’s need and challenge on Human Capital Development

Today’s world is highly skills centered. Unlike ever before demographics matter less and only skills matter

And this calls for a good “data” on skills to manage them better. Skills are however fuzzy and complex because of which getting good quality data is a problem

IYS seeks to enable HR Tech, Organizations and Individuals with good data and tools on skills to manage skills effectively and on a continued basis

Solutions for HR Tech

API and Plugin on Skills Taxonomy to skills-enrich your HR Tech applications

IST API for developing skills centered applications

If you are into applications such as recruitment, learning management, workforce planning, HR Analytics and such, skills is at the core of your applications.
Using IST you can ensure your applications uses rich and current data on skills. Better skills data means better value your applications can deliver to your users

IST API gives you access to IST and you can build your own frontend on top of the IST as suitable for you

IST Plugin for quicker and better deployment of IST

Integrate the IST plugin to your skills centered applications. With this, not only do your application render, quality data on skills but also gives engaging experience to users of your application. Users can create “Skills Profiles” in depth and with ease.

ITS Plugin is crafted to address the several challenges that come with rendering skills in an effective manner

Solutions for Organizations of any size and in any industry

Software As A Service (SAAS) applications to effectively manage skills

Organization Skills Management (OSM)

Map, Deploy and Develop skills of employees in your organization and
Map, Match and Analyse skills of prospects while hiring. OSM is a holistic solution covering employees and prospects. OSM combines the features of ESM (Employee Skills Management) and RSM (Recruitment Skills Management)

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Employee Skills Management (ESM)

Departments, Managers, HR, Senior Leaders, Employees, HR Applications can all speak one common language of skills and access quality data on skills for people deployment and development.

ESM, powered by IYS Skills Taxonomy (IST) enables mapping of skills of employees, mapping of skills of jobs, inventorying and analysing skills, analysing gaps in skills and more.

ESM can be integrated with other systems of HR with skills info flowing from ESM to those applications.

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Recruitment Skills Management (RSM)

One of the most important people functions and also one of the most frustrating one in terms of the time, effort and cost that goes into it – Recruitment

IYS helps you address on of the key problems in recruitment – quality of matching of skills of prospects and of jobs.

Taking a radical approach that reduces reliance on textual, non-standardised and improper resumes and job descriptions, RSM plays quality Skills Profiling at the core of recruitment leading to reduced time, and superior quality of recruitment

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Solutions for Individuals in any industry, at any hierarchical level

Map your skills at one place, share anywhere

“My Skills Profile”

Mapping your skills comprehensively and precisely are the starting point for your development. Create your Skills Profile in IYS and share it if you like.

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