Skills Profile

Clear, Simple, Universal
Present skills the most efficient way, via a Skills Profile.


A Skills Profile is a simple presentation of skills, whether the skills required for a particular job or the skills a particular person possesses.

IYS Skills Profiler enables the creation of Skills Profiles.

Facets of IYS Skills Profiles

Structured – Presents skills in logical groups

Comprehensive – Covers different dimensions of one’s skills

Quantitative – Depicts proficiencies on skills

Imagine a world of unstructured Resumes and Job Descriptions… vis-a-vis a world of comprehensive Skills Profiles.

Skills Profile


Job Skills Profile


Imagine a world of matching between unstructured Resumes and Job Descriptions… vis-a-vis a world of Skills Profiles.


With quality, structured data on skills different activities on skills become far more effective.

Some are use cases of Skills Profiles:

Recruitment : Matching between jobs and people becomes far more precise and easy.

Resource Management : Tracking and deploying people based on skills becomes more effective and efficient.

Talent Development : Understanding Skills Gap of individuals becomes precise, as a result of which development needs can be analyzed and development programs targeted more effectively.