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IYS Skills Profile

Simple, User-Friendly, Quick.

The Skills Profiler is a user interface used to map skills of jobs and people.

A Skills Profile is a simple presentation of skills, whether the skills required for a particular job or the skills a particular person possesses.

IYS Skills Profiler enables the creation of Skills Profiles.

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Imagine a world of unstructured Resumes and Job Descriptions… vis-a-vis a world of comprehensive Skills Profiles.

IYS Structured Format

Skills Profile

IYS Structured Format

Job Profile

Imagine a world of matching between unstructured Resumes and Job Descriptions… vis-a-vis a world of Skills Profiles.

With quality, structured data on skills different activities on skills become far more effective.

Some are use cases of Skills Profiles:


Matching between jobs and people becomes far more precise and easy.


Tracking and deploying people based on skills becomes more effective and efficient.


Understanding Skills Gap of individuals becomes precise, as a result of which development needs can be analyzed and development programs targeted more effectively.

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