IYS offers a simple way for creating

Skills Profile of People or Jobs

IYS Profiler is a JavaScript plugin

that can be integrated with other applications

What is IYS Skills Profiler?

IYS Skills Profiler is an interactive tool for creating Skills Profiles i.e. mapping or adding skills and proficiencies in the skills to create a Skills Profile.

Why IYS Skills Profile?

IYS Skills Profile brings several benefits to the Human Capital or HR space. It helps users to articulate their skills in a comprehensive manner without having to spend too much time. All people and all jobs are articulated in a common structure and in a common language. This makes analysis skills very effective. For example matching skills of people to that of jobs becomes superior. Career options and skills gap can be analysed effectively.

Facets of IYS Skills Profiler

Simple search, select and rate manner for mapping one’s skills

SimpleBrowsing and navigation on skills based on function or industry

Adding of proficiency to skills on a four point scale. The measures or the indicators of proficiencies vary based on the type of skill

Adding comments to qualify the skill and / or proficiency rating

IYS Skills Profiler plugin

SimpleThe Skills Profiler is available as a JavaScript plugin that developers of HR Tech applications can use to integrate with their applications

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