Software As A Service (SAAS) application for

Role Skills Profiling, Employee Skills Profiling

Skills Inventorying, Skills Gap Analysis

Resource Optimization, Career Planning

Unique application with built-in

Comprehensive and Constantly Updated

Skills Taxonomy

Features of Employee Skills Analytics

Roles Skills Profile

Using the built-in IYS Skills Profiler, Role Skills Profile can be created i.e. skills and proficiencies required for the different skills for the roles. Role Skills Profile is used further for different activities such as resource allocation, recruitment and career planning

Employee Skills Profile

Employees map their skills by picking skills from the built-in IYS Skills Profiler. Further, they add proficiencies to their skills. The Skills Profile thus created is reviewed by the Reporting Manager. Employees can also seek peer feedback on their skills.

Organization Skills Inventory

An aggregation of all the skills of the employees across different proficiencies for a good analysis on the organization’s people capabilities. The data can be further analysed on skills, departments, titles and more.

Organization Skills Gap

A presentation of the gaps in the skills in the organization across the skills of employees. Skills gap indicate the gap between the expected proficiency in a skill for a role (as given in the Role Skills Profile) vis a vis the proficiency in the skill of the employee in that role (as in the Employee Skills Profile)

Best Fit

Identifying resources for a particular role skills profile is easy with the results showing the match percentage of the skills profile of the employees within the organization. Very useful for resource allocation and workforce planning

Individual Skills Gap

Individuals can know skills wise gaps in their profile based on the role skills profile of their current role and their skills profile

Career Planning

System identifies the closest roles based on the employee’s skills profile and the role skills profiles of all the roles in the organization. And the employee can see what skills they need to develop to move to a particular role.

Further possibilities

The crux of Employee Skills Analytics application includes skills profiling of roles and employees. The information from here can be used in several other applications. For instance, compensation information can be tied to employee skills. Learning programs in the Learning Management Systems can be tied to employees based on their skills gap.

Facets of IYS Skills Profiler

Simple search, select and rate manner for mapping one’s skills

SimpleBrowsing and navigation on skills based on function or industry

Adding of proficiency to skills on a four point scale. The measures or the indicators of proficiencies vary based on the type of skill

Adding comments to qualify the skill and / or proficiency rating

IYS Skills Profiler plugin

SimpleThe Skills Profiler is available as a JavaScript plugin that developers of HR Tech applications can use to integrate with their applications

Read the documentation on IYS Skills Profiler

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