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Skills and Occupations Taxonomy

Identify complex relationships between people skills and competencies. So you can focus on a variety of talent management workflows to unleash data-driven decisions.

Because the landscape is changing fast

Skills are being mixed & matched in unique combinations. The requirements are shifting faster than job titles, and a new “skills DNA” is being rewritten at breakneck speed. IYS recognizes the need for a global taxonomy to make sense of the new skills data.

Based on thousands of tests under contemporary job market conditions, we are in a position to track how skill requirements differ from industry to industry and within similar occupations.

Feel confident with the “right skills data”

When you use data to innovate and make important business decisions, why shouldn’t you also use “skills data” to better map and improve processes for better human capital management?
Time to progress to HR systems that focus less on meaningless demographics to carefully collected people skills.

What is ISOT?

IYS Skills and Occupations Taxonomy or ISOT is a database of skills and occupations (sort of like a detailed product catalog used in e-Commerce.)

This ever-increasing database is continuously updated to reflect changes in demand and provide timely insights to support human capital decision-making.

  • 130000+

    Industry Skills

  • 5000+

    Soft Skills

  • 75000+

    Skills Associations

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But why ISOT?

Since today’s business world requires rapid deployment of resources toward projects, finding the right people to jobs or jobs to people is a challenge.

Without talent optimization, the organizations cannot clearly see where their skills gaps exist and are unable to understand the untapped potential of their workforce better. Further, with a lack of a common language on skills and how skills are expressed, teams run into unimaginable bottlenecks.

ISOT gives you the necessary ammunition that allows you to make sense of your skills and the skills you need.


Why ISOT is the future?

ISOT helps improve the fabric of career development throughout the worker’s journey—helping them develop expertise over the years.

Recruitment portals are already using ISOT so job seekers can articulate their needs.

Training seekers can create their skills profile to pick apt training programs.

You can also manage human capital by realizing timely opportunities to improve the existing project management processes.

ISOT is a powerful skills infrastructure that helps you predict the critical skill gaps and avoid problems before they happen. You get timely updates to seize upskilling opportunities for your employees, thereby creating an environment of opportunity and agility.

This also means organizations are in a much better position to assess the kind of talent they need to groom, nurture, or borrow to pinpoint the things they need to acquire externally.

It offers the perfect opportunity to map employees’ proficiencies by creating an inventory and performing analytics for better sourcing decisions.

ISOT is an organized skills database painstakingly created through years of real-world experiences. The data is perfected and derived from various industries right from the job & recruitment portals, HRIS, LMS, ATS, HR Analytics, and more.


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