a powerful new way to customize, enhance, and integrate skills taxonomy with virtually any dashboard or application

The meticulously crafted API will help you solve tricky use cases by unlocking the next level of accessibility.

You could build expertised teams with the right skills to take quick action on new business opportunities as they arise (while losing no control about the development lifecycle.) Here are a few of the things the API enables you to do:

Through ISOT API, we make the incredible “skills data” work for you

Perform an in-depth analysis of skills and occupation data.
Enhance and combine “skills data” with insights from other sources.
Integrate ISOT into your dashboarding tool.
Incorporate ISOT to create powerful new reports.
ISOT API is designed to collaborate with in-house tools, services, or a Kanban board.

ISOT API emphasizes the purpose of your code


Programmers can weave together clauses and phrases, much like an author or poet. ISOT API is a beautiful intersection of language and technical design that enables coders to express their unique ideas with clarity.

The sky is the limit

It is up to your wild imagination, and let us know if you need our help with something. We’re ready to collaborate and excited to work with you on our current API. We’d also be happy to entertain your requests for future functionality.

Contact us for a demo to learn more about what makes ISOT API so multidimensional