It's Your Skills is a self-family-friends funded initiative

IYS is thankful to the following friends who have investrusted in us.

Babu RamamurthyInvestor

Babu Ramamurthy

Site Leader & Director

VeloCloud Networks Private Limited

Nandakumar P Investor

Nandakumar P

Process Leader


Somnath Bhadury Investor

Somnath Bhadury


APJ Solution Engineering, Informatica

Sukantha Padhy Investor

Sukantha Padhy

Chief Supply Chain Officer

Alliance Tires Group

V Ashok Kumar Investor

V Ashok Kumar

Management Consultant


Bhavesh Shah Investor

Bhavesh Shah

Project Manager – SAP

Tech Mahindra Ltd

Jagathesan Arumugam Investor

Jagathesan Arumugam

Chief Executive Officer

Coaching Foundation India

Sriram Balasubramanian

Sriram Balasubramanian


Senthilnathan Chandrasekharan Investor

Senthilnathan Chandrasekharan

Senior Manager

SIA Engineering & ePO

Sridhar Venkatarayalu Investor

Sridhar Venkatarayalu

Human Resources Management Professional

Alfa Resources Private Limited

Anish Ramachandran Investor

Anish Ramachandran

General Manager and Director

Intel Corporation

Vithal Acharya Investor

Vithal Acharya

HR Business Partner