Invitation to invest in IYS Skills Tech

Why invest in IYS?

1. unqiue value proposition

2. growth potential

3. innovative business model

IYS Skills Tech, is a Skills Analytics company

offering Skills Analytics solutions powered by a

unique Skills and Occupations Taxonomy

Ramu Govindan

Founder, CEO.

I am extremely passionate about skills, the complexities of the skills space, cracking the problem of organizing skills in a scalable architecture and using tools to keep enhancing the skills taxonomy and on skills analytics.

I believe HR needs to transform itself as the custodian of Skills - this is the currency of today's businesses. IYS Skills Tech is a step in this direction.

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Space of IYS

HR Technology | SAAS applications | API

Note: IYS is not a job portal or a recruitment system

Customer Audience

B2B2B, B2B2C, B2B and B2C | Global

Stage of Business

Product Ready | Business Model Validated | Small revenue generated

Purpose of Raising Funds

Business Development | Promote the solutions aggressively

Funding means so far

Self | Family & Friends | Two external investors have invested for equity


Direct i.e. based on features of the solutions - Low

Indirect i.e. based on presence in same HR Tech area and trying to solve some of the problems - Medium

Team Size

5 Core and full time - CEO (Product Manager, Skills Taxonomist), Product Lead, Senior Developer, Business Development Guy, Office Assistant

Many engaged time to time based on need for Development, Testing, Data Analytics, UI Development, and others