Presenting a complimentary application for Talent Management / HRIS

Drastically improve the value of your HR solutions

IYS Skills Tech propose strategic partnership with leading HRIS / Talent Management application wherein

IYS can offer its skills management application powered by a rich and dynamic Skills Taxonomy that will further enrich applications with “skills management”

And combined with the solutions of the partners, customers of partners can see superior value

What is the offering from IYS?

Skills Management web application that enables Skills Mapping of Roles, Skills Mapping of Employees, Skills Inventorying, Skills Gap Analysis and Skills Matching.

What value does this deliver?

Companies are realizing that it is not enough to manage just people information and that managing skills information is important. Skills information help in cutting down unnecessary hiring, optimizing resource deployment, responding better to business challenges and opportunities and better taking human capital strategic decisions. Also skills is a very challenging information to handle.

So is it just another application? Why can’t we develop it ourselves?

IYS application is is powerful because it is not just a dumb application (with nice forms and workflows)

It comes built in with a powerful comprehensive and rich skills library

And this means companies get a ready to use and dynamic skills or competency library which otherwise they would be spending thousands of dollars on consultants to do competency mapping

Practicality… the solution practical

The solution is a simple web based application hosted on cloud

We will need to study the application and see the best way to integrate them. We have an integration partner who can help.

Ramu Govindan

Founder, CEO.

I am extremely passionate about skills, the complexities of the skills space, cracking the problem of organizing skills in a scalable architecture and using tools to keep enhancing the skills taxonomy and on skills analytics.

I believe HR needs to transform itself as the custodian of Skills - this is the currency of today's businesses. IYS Skills Tech is a step in this direction.

Here are screenshots from the application

Interested in exploring a partnership?