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Data on Skills – the essence of all talent applications

Data on skills of people and jobs are vital for more HR Tech application such as Job Portals, Recruitment Systems, Applicant Tracking Systems, Learning Management Systems, Workforce Deployment Systems, and HRIS.

However, getting data on skills is a big challenge given the various issues related to skill such as use of different terminologies, non standard terms on skills, contextual references and more. Read more about issues.

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It’s Your Skills enables quality data on skills

Today’s smart world revolves around simplicity, minimal text, picking from choices. Why should the world of talent be driven by the complexities of verbose resumes and job descriptions? Can there not be a better way for people to articulate their skills?

To meet this objective we have created a simple way for people to profile their skills i.e. pick their skills (or of jobs) and rate on them. At the backend we have a Skills Ontology and the frontend an interactive UI.

Experience Skills Profiling

Experience the coverage of skills in the Skills Ontology, try searching for skills or roles in this IYS Skills Profiler - a simple frontend for the Skills Ontology to enable users search, select and rate on skills

Getting the data on skills right with IYS Skills Ontology

IYS focuses on continuous research on the world of skills, constantly enriches its skills ontology and offers them in different forms for others to use it.

Behind the Scene

IYS focuses on research on skills, maintains a skills Ontology and offers it to others in different forms.

Skills Ontology is a well organized collection of terms related to skills covering functional / technical skills, behavioural skills, activities, knowledge, domain or contextual experience and certifications.

Features of the Skills Ontology:

Skills Ontology is a large database of skills organized intelligently. Features of the IYS Skills Ontology includes:

  • Coverage of Synonyms, Acronyms and Spelling difference in skills terms
  • Wide range of industries and functions are covered
  • Constantly updated using technology and our human intelligence in the skills space
  • Skills are organized intelligently to get insights
  • Contextual reference of terms to derive skills meaning from words
  • Association of skills to roles

We manage skills, you develop applications

To make your HR Tech applications valuable, we offer the Skills Ontology in different forms. Whether your application requires users to work with skills og jobs or requires users to add skills to their profiles, these solutions can be very useful.

Read about these solutions below

Skills API

The API gives you access to the Skills Ontology This means that you can call for skills from the Skills Ontology, fetch children of these skills, siblings of these skills (skills in the same category) or relatives of these skills (skills that are from the categories that are related to the skill)

The pricing is on per API call basis.

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Skills Profiler Plugin

Rendering the Skills in the frontend for users to select skills can be a tough challenge. We have developed a frontend - the one you saw above that helps you overcome this challenge. Users can easily search, select and rate on skills.

The intuitive frontend leads users to other skills that could be relevant for them based on their activity. The plugin is in JS and can be implemented in most application stacks.

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