Discover the world’s fastest-growing employee skill management web application

ESM is a power-packed application for managing the skills of your employees. A one-of-a-kind readymade solution that comes bundled with the most extensive skills library with over 100,000 employee skills.

Don’t forget to manage the most vital resource—the skills of your employees

ESM application maps the skills of your employees and offers new opportunities for improvement. It scans talent across the board and offers powerful insights for consistent human capital growth.

Keep your finger on the pulse

ESM application provides a quick, easy way to see the broad strokes of how skilled your workforce is. Perfect for knowing what your teams are actually capable of.

ESM is a SAAS application that enables organizations to:

Profile skills of jobs & employees
Stay aware of employees at distinct proficiency levels
Get an in-depth view of gaps that need to be filled
See analytics on the specific skills gaps
Create skills inventories
Match skills for positions and much more

Wouldn’t you like to work better with insights into your human capital management and workflow?

For employees, the ESM application ensures you are aware of your potential. You can also know about the jobs in the organization that closely match your skills profile. The top performers can continuously push themselves to gain knowledge to fill in their gaps vis-à-vis the new roles.

For managers, they can quickly identify and match employees. There is a clear advantage when there is a knowledge of technical and behavioral skills available (along with an up-to-date understanding of the domain or contextual experience.)

Time to connect the dots

Get immediate insight into your team’s effectiveness so you can see where they’re doing well and where they could use help.

Here are other unique features of the ESM application:

It can be integrated with other applications
It works with companies of any size and industry
SSO can be implemented right away
ESM offers API and thus can be white-labeled
IYS offers the ESM free for 20 employees

ESM application is all you need to efficiently run your entire workforce without getting bogged down with irrelevant HR technology