Simple, Intelligent and Absolute Low Cost Skills Management Solution

Employee Skills Management (ESM) is an integrated skills management application hosted on the cloud and offered on a Pay Per Use model


Employee Skills Profiling
Job Skills Profiling
Skills Inventory & Analytics
Resource Management
Skills Gap Analysis


Better Employee Engagement
Better talent or Skills Utilization
Better talent acquisition or recruitment
Better Skills Gap and training needs analysis
Better Skills Planning and Utilization
Better Business Response

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Employee Skills Management can be integrated with HRIS if you have one
Employee Skills Management can be used on a standalone basis

ESM is useful for companies of any size - small to very large any industry

Employee Skills Management is built around, IYS Skills Profile

Skills Profile is a novel, structured way for capturing quantitative and qualitative info on skills

It's Your Skills (IYS) offers the most comprehensive profiling of skills covering different aspects of one's talent and that of jobs

The model is presented on intense research on what all constitutes one's skills.

Skills here is loosely defined to cover all aspects including what we traditionally refer to as skills, competencies, knowledge, roles & activities

skills mobile view

Watch a video on Skills Profiler

Skills Profile is powered by Skills Library/Taxonomy/Database

Skills Profiler is a web application for creation of Skills Profiling - of jobs as well as people

The Skills Profiler is backed by a Skills Library/Taxonomy/Database

The highlights of the Skills Library include:

Exhaustiveness - covers over 40,000 skills

Continuously enriched - we add roughly 100 to 200 skills a week

In-depth - covers skills in sections and sub sections

Skills Profiler is a powerful, intuitive, and simple user interface that gives users flexibility and ease in mapping and adding one's skills to the Skills Profile

Some screenshots from Employee Skills Management

ESM is absolute low cost, high return investment any company could make, with just $2 per employee per month depending on volume and subscription model
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