Doing away with Job Descriptions as we know it

Job Descriptions are what kick-off the Recruitment process, they are the very basic source of information that outlines the hiring requirement. Hiring Managers usually have a vague set of words or phrases related to “skills” that are required for the job. Most often they find it difficult to put these ideas down into text form, which is necessary to capture the requirement. The easiest way out is to copy-paste from multiple sources and compile something.

Recruiters are expected to decipher these Job Descriptions and find the right candidates that match the requirement. Naturally they may not always get it right. Prospective candidates also do the same to see if they match the description and skills mentioned.

The whole process is not only cumbersome, but also fairly inefficient. There is a very high likelihood of a mismatch between the skills needed and the skills eventually hired.

So what can be done?

We must do away with the traditional format of Job Descriptions. These are the possible improvement steps:

  • Hiring Managers should make a note of words and phrases related to the skills required in a structured manner without having to convert them to text.
  • We can go a step further and enable them to cover all aspects of the job such as activities, knowledge, domain etc. i.e. those that are important but may not be expressed when they have to draft the description themselves.
  • We must enable the Hiring Manager to put proficiency levels he/she expects on the different skills. This information is mostly lacking in the Job Descriptions.
  • Use IYS to create a Job Description in less than 5 minutes, with a simple and intuitive process.

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