Invitation to Job Sites and Recruitment Systems To partner with IYS Skills Tech on Candidate Skills Analytics

Add greater value to Job Seekers and Job Providers

Add edge over your competitors

Interested in exploring a partnership?

IYS Skills Tech invites leading Job Sites and Recruitment applications for a partnership

IYS offers its candidate skills analytics application powered by a rich and dynamic
Skills Taxonomy that will further enrich applications with faster and superior quality of recruitment.

What is the offering from IYS?

Candidates Skills Analytics is a web application that enables

Skills Profiling of Jobs, Skills Profiling of candidates and

Skills Analytics of candidates

What value does this deliver?

A clear, comprehensive, and holistic articulation of skills required for jobs Candidates applying to jobs by giving skills level information Real time information to Hiring Manager on skills match of candidates

This overcomes several issues that are detriment to quality and time to hire:

1. Poor, incomplete articulation of skills required for jobs in the JDs

2. Candidates applying without proper appreciation of skills requirements

3. Resumes old, irrelevant, and in all kinds of forms

4. Recruiters not equipped to fully understand “skills”

So is it just another application? Why can’t we develop it ourselves?

IYS application is powerful because it is not just a dumb application (with nice forms and workflows)

It comes built in with a powerful comprehensive and rich skills library

And this built Skills Profiler enables Hiring Manager smartly articulate skills Without having to to write long text or use standard templates

How will this integrate with our solutions?

The solution is a simple web based application hosted on cloud
Today’s technologies enable integration
We have an integration partner who can help.

Are you willing to offer the application on white label model?

The application can be white labeled
The application will be connected to IYS Skills and Occupations Taxonomy through API

Interested in exploring a partnership?