Talent Analytics

Talent Analytics – First a background on this collaborative project. You can choose to skip this and go the main content by clicking here.

The project is driven by day to day readings and observations related to related subjects such as careers, employment, unemployment, skills development, employee engagement on the one side and on the other subjects such rapid changes, 45%-of-current-businesses-will-not-exist-in-next-five-years, disruptive technologies and socio-economic turbulence and finally the third angle that is of need for every human being to grow.

My belief is that we need a different / fresh paradigm that can define or lay framework on

  • what does growth mean
  • how does one relate to and cope with changes happening around oneself

The objectives of this project are:

  1. create a framework for classifying jobs
  2. create a framework for skills
  3. create a framework for understanding growth (growth not just on career front but growth as a human being)

Any model should be

  1. simple. true test of it will be when a common man is able to appreciate and relate to it
  2. universal. touches people in every walk of life, geography, age
  3. have given thoughts of different people

Talent Analytics – One of the realizations is that there is too much of over specialization. There is a problem with over specialization. It is that one finds it difficult to find opportunities for their specialization and vice versa finding these kind of specialists become difficult. Other problem is that when one over specialises and suddenly there is a shift in fundamentals, they are left high and dry.

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