Skills Library API

This API provides skills detail in JSON format.

The skills library is the most comprehensive and in-depth skills repository.

No, not just another database of skills but a cataloged and well organized skills library covering different functions such as Information Technology, Engineering, Medicine and more.

The skills library is extremely useful for developers of applications in the HR, recruitment, job site and any other application that has got to do with skills.

How to get skills through API calls?

You can get skills by hitting below URLs with few arguments either in GET / POST method.

Method-1: Getting skills by parent


Method-2: Getting skills by search term


Method-3: Getting skills & related skills by search term


Method-4: Getting 2-Column skills



key - Your api key (Contact us for purchase)

id - Parent Id

q - Search term

p - Page number

No.of resulted skills

  • Method-1, 2 & 4: 10 skills per page
  • Method-3: 5 skills per page

Sample output skills (by parent & search term)

Sample output skills (for related skills)