Analyse the skills gap with the Organization Skills Gap report

Efficient skills management requires a close hard look at the skill gaps that exist within the organization. With the help of the IYS Skills Ontology, we are able to capture all skills data accurately and present a correct representation of organizational skills. 

The Organization Skills Gap report shows:

  1. All the skills
  2. Number of employees under different skills gaps

Skills Gap refers to the gap between the proficiency required in a particular skill for a job (derived from the Job Skills Profile) and the proficiency level in that skill for the employees in that job. Thus if for a particular job the proficiency level required in Programming is 3, and 2 out of the 5 employees in that job have a proficiency level of 2 then for Programming in Skill Gap 1 i.e. 3 – 2 there are 2 employees. Over fit indicates the proficiency level of employees being higher than that required for the job.

Below is a sample of a report:

Organization Skills Gap is a feature of Employee Skills Manager application.

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