About us and Why IYS?

IYS is
…the future of Human Capital Management

What does IYS do?

IYS is a human capital management company that uses a proprietary skills ontology to understand and deploy people skills with an aim to offer a strategic advantage to the decision-makers. The aim is to make help teams become more efficient and accelerate revenue.

World’s most innovative and fast-growing skills ontology platform

Getting the right person for the right job is more important than ever, but the nature of modern businesses means it’s harder to manage people skills and proficiencies. That’s why we created ISOT, the world’s best skills database—to help businesses manage skills data to boost productivity and offer ROI.

IYS is for the Curious, the Innovators, and the Problem Solvers

We are already transforming the way businesses wish to connect with their employees, new and existing. Our refreshingly frictionless ISOT (IYS Skills and Occupations Taxonomy) based apps solve real business problems and create a tangible impact on our clients’ bottom line.

Why IYS?

The traditional workforce is undergoing substantial changes—now and in the near future. Technological developments, demographic trends, and the current world environment will reshape the skills and the labour market. There is a continuous upgradation in the workers’ skills and how their occupation is currently perceived. With new competencies and specializations, human capital management could become a nightmare, especially for the unprepared. 

To solve this problem, there has to be consistency in how we define skills and job requirements. Unfortunately, the existing sources of skills data and information on occupational requirements have serious limitations. The current skill datasets simply do not capture the needs and requirements. Information on how the skills are connected is mostly dependent on the vast amounts of data from online job adverts and job seeker resumes—which is not going to be enough.

We definitely need a better way

We need more in-depth methodologies. That’s precisely why ISOT is built from the ground up to fill that space between skills, competencies, and knowledge requirements.

ISOT is updated with data on millions of vacancies, efficiently collected at scale and in real-time. Our data collection is vetted through subject matter experts and is not constrained to be selected from a limited number of skill groups. 

One of the main goals of our skills taxonomy is to be ready to be utilized for more responsive and evidence-based decision-making. Aimed at skill development, ISOT and its derivative apps are designed to deliver powerful insights for executives at all levels.

We are born to evolve with you

ISOT was always a unique idea developed to keep up with the way you do business. That’s why our skills taxonomy, plugins, and applications come pre-packaged for the unique use cases that evolve with your requirements.

Leveraging talent mobility, insights, and opportunities

Build powerful teams from existing talent. You could also create opportunities for existing employees to find recommended gigs across an entire organization. IYS matches your demand – from current employees looking for internal redeployment opportunities to recruiters looking for the industry’s top talent.

Employees can also see their skill gaps. ISOT offers the best real-time learning tech to prepare them for the best options and moves, career-wise.

The complete human capital management development company

At IYS, we believe in a skills-based world that speaks a common language and tools that support the entire ecosystem— individuals, organizations, and governments.

We are focused on developing the skills of tomorrow through innovative technology, rich expertise, experience, and insights into the talent and skills across landscapes. With industry-defining IP that is globally accepted and patent-pending, we help progressive organizations transform their business decision making at scale.

Here’s our leadership team. They lead by example and guide us every day.

Ramu G
Pursuing the vision to enable skills-centricity of human capital enrichment applying technology to solve HR problems.
MP Sriram
Consulting Partner
Brings insights from rich experience in the HR space to have intelligent conversations with customers.
Obulisaravanan V
Product Management Lead
Strong execution support in productising ideas, providing continuous all round support in development.
Rupa Bhaskaran
Digital Marketing
Applying decades of experience in online marketing with diverse geographies and industries for taking IYS to the world

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